The Event object

eventIdstring - Unique identifier for the event
eventTypestring - Type of the event that occurred (workflow_run.completed)
payloadobject - Contains the WorkflowRun object. See the WorkflowRun object for the shape.

Here is what you can expect for a given incoming event:

Example Event
  "eventId": "event_1234",
  "eventType": "workflow_run.completed",
  "payload": {
    "object": "workflow_run",
    "id": "workflow_run_1234"
    // etc.

Event types

The following table outlines the various event types you can receive via webhooks:

Event TypeDescription
workflow_run.completedTriggered whenever a WorkflowRun is completed
workflow_run.failedTriggered whenever a WorkflowRun fails
workflow_run.needs_reviewTriggered whenever a WorkflowRun needs review*
workflow_run.rejectedTriggered whenever a WorkflowRun is rejected from the Extend dashboard. More info

* Only triggered when the workflow is configured to have a HumanReview step in the Extend workflow builder.