The Extend Studio is our latest home for building, iterating on, evaluating, and publishing AI powered document processors for all your different use cases. This includes our core processors like Classifiers, Extractors, and more.

Previously, all configuration lived inside our Workflow experience. We are now moving towards a more flexible and powerful separation of these two experiences: Workflows serve as deployment and orchestration of multiple processors to handle a given use case, allowing you to more powerfuly tune and reuse your Classifiers, Extractors, and more across multiple Workflows.

Manage existing processors

From the Studio home page, you can quickly search and find all your existing processors.

Once you have found the processor you are looking for, you can click on it to view its details, and make changes to its configuration.

For more details on how to configure and interate on an Extraction processor, see the Extraction Processor documentation.

Creating a new processor

You can also create a new processor from the Studio home page.

To create a new processor simply set the name and click “Create”. You will then be redirected to the processor configuration page for your newly created processor.